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These are some of the testimonials from customers who have already used our service. The testimonials are included in their entirety. We thank these customers for taking the time to write to us so others can read of their experiences.

\”Thanks for the extraordinary job you did on my chef’s knife. That knife has been a trusted friend, having served me well—and daily—for twenty-five years.

I don’t know how you did it, but you took so little off the blade that when I got it back the knife felt the same in weight and balance, and yet the hollow I’d worn in the blade from prolonged use was completely gone, and the normal profile had been restored.

Furthermore, when I got it back from you it was, it seemed, even sharper than it had been when it was new. That knife was such a pleasure—and so different—after you worked on it that I had to relearn how to use it. Cutting and chopping have been nearly effortless. I can simply lay the knife on the food, and it will practically fall through it!

Thanks again! I had waited a long time before getting my knife sharpened professionally and you are the first and only person to whom I have entrusted it. I am very, very happy with the results.\”

– James in Minnesota

 \”I was probably 50 years old before I discovered Henckel knifes, and before I felt like I could afford them. After discovering them, I knew I did not want my husband to ruin them, by trying to sharpen them.

I really don\’t remember how I got Mr. Leonard\’s name, but he not only does a great job, he tried to tell my husband on the phone how to keep them sharp. My husband is no better at that than he is sharpening them. I think for a man who sharpens knifes to be honest enough to try to help someone keep them sharp, which he could do and make the money is an honest thing to do and I appreciate him and his service.

His prices are very reasonable and the service is very fast. To find someone who does good work and honest is a great thing and I am very thankful for Mr. Leonard and his service.\”

– Mary in Tennessee

 \”We knew our knives were the finest on the market but would hardly slice a lemon. Home sharpeners helped but never satisfied. J.A. Henckel\’s suggested the Ken Leonard Sharpening Service. We did and Ken\’s precision sharpening can never be surpassed. It\’s superb!\”

– John & Mary in California

 \”Thanks for the great service you provided when I was searching for someone to repair the broken tip of my favorite kitchen knife. I had been to several fancy department stores with cutlery departments looking for help when I was given Henckel’s number.

I figured that they would be the one to fix it properly, so I called them. They only would do warranty type repairs, but they recommended you. I was hesitant to send my expensive chef’s knife off in the mail, but after speaking to you on the phone I felt OK with it. You quoted me a great price which you stuck to, and I received my knife back as good as new in what I thought was a very short turnaround time.

I would be glad to recommend your company and services to anyone. Thanks again!\”

– Thomas in New Jersey

 \”A few years ago, I was looking for someone to sharpen our kitchen knives. They were pretty dull and two were serrated, however, the serration was almost completely gone. Everyone I talked to said they could sharpen them but they could not redo the serration.

Finally I contacted Henckels who suggested I contact you. After doing so and receiving mailing instructions, I sent our knives to you for a “make over”. When the knives returned I was extremely surprised as to the quality of the job. The new serration made those knives like new and the others returned razor sharp.

I would recommend that anyone with knives needing resharpening or serration “make over” contact you. They will be pleasantly surprised – I was.\”

– Bill in Pennsylvania

\”I was pleasantly surprised when I received my Henckels knives after you sharpened them for me. The truth of the matter is that I cut my finger the first time I used one of them. They had not been sharpened since my husband passed away in 1993. He always sharpened them, and after ten years they were very dull. So I was careless in using my finger to slide some chopped vegetables off the knife. I won’t do that again!

You did such a great job on them. They’re just like they were when I received them as a birthday gift in 1979.

I am so glad to finally have found someone that I can trust to do a good job. Thank goodness I phoned Henckels in desperation to see if the could recommend someone to sharpen my knives, and they recommended you. I was especially impressed with the great way you packaged them for their safe return to me.

Thanks again. I’ll certainly call on you when they next need sharpening – and I’m sure it won’t be another ten years.\”

– Constance in Oregon

\”I do a lot of home food home processing, and also try to have fresh vegetables each day with our family meal, so having a dull knife just won’t work.

I have in the past wore my knives down to a blunt edge, and after several unsuccessful attempts of going to knife sharpeners in Ann Arbor (a 40 min drive) I came home with knives that were dull. I was very happy with our knives after you sharpened them. I’ve learned how to keep knives sharp with daily use by watching food show on TV on proper use of knives, reading up and lectures from my husband on how to do it right.

I’ve also learned the hard way (cut finger tips, chopped nails) on the importance of a sharp knife. My motto now is a dull knife hurts – a sharp knife & I’m OK TO GO-chop that is.\”

– Carole in Michigan

\”Who better than a person recommended by Henckels to sharpen my knives!

One of my favorite Henckels accidentally dropped on the floor and the tip was broken off. Thanks to you, I have my knife back, with a new tip and only I know it was ever damaged. You are better than any commercial knife sharpening service I have ever used.

I\’ve owned Henckles since 1980 and I wouldn\’t trust anyone else with sharpening my knives.\”

– Bill in San Diego

\”I live in Fort Worth, Texas and was unable to find a local service to sharpen my knives. I called Williams Sonoma – I had purchased my Henckels knives from them – and they referred me to Mr. Leonard. What a pleasure it was to deal with someone so professional and knowlegeable! He sent out his knife shipping kit immediately and in a matter of a few days my knives were back in my kitchen. I had not realized how very dull they were – until I received them back in super-sharp condition. Mr. Leonard is a pleasure to deal with and I have referred him to all of my friends.\”

– Wendie in Texas

\”Mr. Leonard, This was the second time I\’ve used your service, and as per usual, the service was excellent. We will definitely use and recommend you to our friends.\”

– Jim

\”I have received both shipments and your work is terrific! Sharper than ever, even though these knives are over 30 years old. Thanks again and best wishes for the New Year.\”

– Peter

\”Let me tell you what a joy it is to have sharp knives again! These knives were a wedding present 21 years ago and I have tried to sharpen them myself but with less than desirable results. Thank you so much for the job you did. Thanks!\”

– Philip

\”I want to thank you for doing an excellent job of sharpening my kitchen knives in a professional and expedited manner. They had not been professionally sharpened since I purchased them over eight years ago. You can be assured I will recommend your service to all of my friends and neighbors who are in need of your service.\”